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Latest news

Greetings everyone! Since it has been a while since the last update, we'd like to inform you we are currently writing new material for the upcoming second album of Ravage Machinery. A big part of the writing process has already been done and we will focus on on proper preproduction during the following spring after which we will inform the rest of the album's schedule, so stay focused!

In addition, our singer Rauli Alaruikka will be performing on this years Nummirock with the black metal band From The Void after winning one of the semifinals in Finnish Wacken Metal Battle competition 2017. Check out the rest of the Nummirock line up here.
Our drummer, Rauli Juopperi, will play at this year's Jalometalli Metal Festival with the band Serotonin Syndrome after winning the Jalometalli band contest 2016. Check out the rest of the Jalometalli roster here.
New gig added to January 2016, playing at YO-Talo, Tampere with Sotajumala and Maveth!
Our drummer, Rauli Juopperi, can be heard banging drums on two new releases from the bands Suotana and Serotonin Syndrome. Check them out!
Ravage Machinery will celebrate its 10 year anniversary at Grande, Rovaniemi on 27th of November! This performance will feature players from throughout the history of the band, as well as covering most of the material ever produced by Ravage Machinery. It will be a unique show, see you guys there!
Couple of reviews of our debut album added to the site, this time from Archaic Metallurgy and Metalliluola. Check them out here!
New reviews added from sites: Xtreem Music, Tempelores, Metal Crypt and Metal Temple. Check them out here!
Added a few new reviews from various sites (Sea of Tranquility, True Metal, Holy Metal and Metal Underground). Check out the releases -section for the reviews!

Latest news:
Ravage Machinery will perform at Midnattsrocken 2013 as well!

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